About us

The AutoREC trademark is owned by Arendus Block OÜ company.

Security and comfort of our client is our top priority. All cars in our listing are well-maintained and are ready to use.

We sell cars that have had only one previous owner that we get from European leasing companies. Our fleet is stocked with cars that are very carefully picked by professionals to make sure that vehicles are in perfect mechanical condition and have full service history that is verified with official dealerships. We don’t deal with cars that have had damage of any kind or if any suspicion arises about its history during the background check. Our goal is to offer our clients the utmost assurance about the transparency and quality of purchased vehicle while maintaining reasonable prices to make the whole deal enjoyable.

Uncompromising attitude toward the quality of our product and first class service with an individual approach, ensure the convenience and peace of mind during the entire process of dealing with us. At AutoREC you can be sure about the transparency and quality of the vehicle you’re buying. Our flexible terms of purchase will make the whole process smooth and easy.



Premium cars sale

Our listing is made up of only premium cars. We don't deal with trade-in or exchange vehicles.


Special order of desired vehicle

Premium vehicles ordered from European countries (price depends on client's requirements and wishes, starting from 700 EUR).


Promotion content creation

Quality photo and video services for successfull marketing of your car or real estate. We use only the best high end equipment.